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Corvin leers menacingly at the viewer, reaching out with one hand wearing a leather welding glove, because they make the best oven mittsHullo, loyal readers! Corvin here! You may have noticed the big, black Darth Vader looking gloves we use as oven mitts and wonder what the hell is up with that! Well, I’ll tell ya! They are heavy duty MIG welding gloves! I work as a welder, and one day while I was at Harbor Freight looking for some welding-related supplies I spotted them and formulated an idea: these would make great oven mitts!


A pair of welding gloves, which make the best oven mitts

Aren’t these cool?! Honestly, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. I had been using regular leather work gloves when using the BBQ grill to keep my hands from getting roasted along with whatever I happened to be burning. (That’s how much of a foodie I’ve become. You’ll know when it’s happening to you when you find yourself imagining how you can apply things normally unrelated to cooking for use in the kitchen.) But I have to admit, this time it really worked out. Not like that contraption I tried to make with a cordless drill and a rototiller blade. But there are no failed experiments, right? Right???

Anyway, gone are the days of your wrist or knuckles getting singed while trying to get something out of the oven, and the tough leather won’t burn at these temperatures. How many of you have oven mitts with burn holes in them? Hah! I thought so! Those are not the best oven mitts. You also get a little better articulation and control, and they grip much better than regular mitts. Plus, the black leather hides food stains. (Unlike those pastel flower pattern ones your grandmother gave you as a housewarming gift that you are too ashamed to use in front of her when she visits because it looks like you used them to clean the toilet) We love them so much that all the other oven mitts we own have become mere decorations. The functionality of welding gloves is far superior to the average oven mitt. Plus, they look cool!

Go get your own pair, give them a try and let us know what you think!

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