Fancy Fried Egg Sandwich

Once you’ve mastered Part 1: The Basic Fried Egg Sandwich, you’re ready to turn it up a notch.


This time I’m making lunch for Corvin and myself, and each sandwich gets TWO eggs now. We also figured out that these are pretty awesome on sesame buns toasted in the broiler. You can just use regular old toast, if you’d rather. And there’s this new thing called “cheese” that we’re pretty fond of, too.

I’ve expanded my spice repertoire as well. I’ll be using:

  • Onion powder
  • Lemon pepper
  • Paprika
  • Dill weed
  • These are good with garlic (what isn’t?) but it gives Corvin a sour belly so I don’t use it for him. You go right ahead.


Spices, eggs, olive oil

Get your pan and burner set up like in Part 1 (you’ll want a little more olive oil this time). Space your eggs as evenly as you can, and break the yolks up again once they’re all in the pan. Sprinkle the herbs on while the tops are still goopy–this allows the flavors to get all the way in there.

Eggs frying in a pan, yolks broken

Let them simmer like this for a couple of minutes, then try to separate them into four segments with the blade of the spatula. When they stop leaking out the sides and you can lift them up without too much cussing, they’re ready to flip. (Flipping a set of four without them landing on top of each other takes a little practice.)

Separating fried eggs in a pan

While you’re waiting for the eggs, you can start the buns in the broiler.

Variable trying unsuccessfully to bit into a frozen bun

We store our buns in the freezer; that keeps them fresh but it does make them a little hard to chew at first. Put them in the microwave for 20 seconds and they’re fine.

Move the top oven rack to its highest or second-highest slot and put the buns crust-side down right on the bare wires. Turn the broiler on high and WATCH THAT SONOFABITCH. It heats up FAST and once it gets going, your food will go from ice to cinders in seconds! If you don’t have a lot of experience doing more than one kitcheny thing at a time, you might want to do the buns before or after the eggs so you can keep an eye on them.

Putting buns in the broiler to toast

Anyway, back to the eggs. When the second side is done, put some cheese on two of the segments. I’m using shredded cheese here; you can use slices if you like.

Putting cheese on fried eggs in a pan

Turn the burner off and place the other segments on top of the cheese and let that glue them together–cheese melts quickly, so be ready to deal with strings and globs oozing out the sides. (Fried cheese…yum yum.)

Fried eggs in a pan with cheese, ready to become fried egg sandwiches

Next, get the bu–OH MY GOD, THE BUNS, YOU FORGOT TO CHECK THE BUNS…oh, thank goodness, they didn’t burn. Much. Very good! Butter ’em up while the cheese settles.


Out of the pan, onto the buns, like so.

Fried Egg sandwich

Corvin likes his fried egg sandwich plain.

I like to put black pepper, ranch dressing, and spinach leaves on mine. Raw bell pepper slices dipped in no-fat dressing make a great side, but so do potato chips or cheezy poofs, if you’ve already met your fiber quota for the day or if you’re really craving something out of a crinkly package.

Egg sandwich with spinach & bell peppers



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