A (gr)Easy Trick

I came up with this when I was a kid. I liked to help mom make cookies and cakes or whatever, but whenever she asked me to grease pans, it grossed me out.

“Greasing the pan” was a thing we did back in the days before non-stick spray. You basically grabbed a piece of wax paper and a can of Crisco, and smeared that lard all over the place…you can grease pans with it, of course, but that also means greasing your hands, your clothes, the counter, mom…

See? Gross.

Non-stick sprays are great, but I don’t use vegetable oil these days, and I don’t think a thick coating of olive oil would be too good on corn muffins. So I still use this trick when I’m baking something sweet.

Muffin tins, a stick of butter, and a sandwich bag

All you need is a small sandwich baggie…

A hand in the sandwich bag holding a glob of butter

..that you’ll use as a glove to grab the butter and smear it around…

Greased pans, greasy sandwich bag, clean hand. Ta da!

…and voila! Greased pans, greasy sandwich bag, clean hands.

You’re welcome.

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My SEO thingy says this article needs more words but that’s all I can think to write about “grease pans”

So here’s a little story AFTER the instructions, unlike other recipe sites.

Doesn’t vanilla extract smell good? One time I was helping my mom bake something and I begged and begged to drink the vanilla extract, so she finally gave me a spoonful of it.

BONUS KITCHEN TIP: Do not drink vanilla extract.

Mom also let me eat raw cookie dough and lick the spatulas, bowls, and beaters. You know, all that stuff that contained raw eggs.

BONUS BONUS KITCHEN TIP: Do not cook with my mom. She doesn’t care if you get salmonella.

Variable's mom as a kid with a dialogue baloon saying "Now try the liver & onions! Mmm!"

My mom as a young chef

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