Green Onions: Grow Your Own (Almost) Endless Supply

Did you know that green onions will regenerate?

I thought everyone knew this, but every time someone comes over and sees my “garden” on the counter, they seem surprised. So I figured I’d better post about it. Who doesn’t want an endless supply of green onions?

1. Buy a bundle of green onions.

2. Chop off what you need.

3. When you get to the end, don’t throw them away—stick them in a glass of water and move it out of the way.

4. Within a day, you’ll see re-growth!

green onion bulbs in a glass of water

  1. Within a week–PRESTO! New onions!
green onions after a week in a glass of water

I should probably do something with that butternut squash soon.

Keep it in a place where it’ll get some light. Check the water now and then. Chop off what you need, when you need it (like for that tuna casserole you’ve been meaning to try). You can also chop them up and put them in the fridge for later, or even freeze them, if you don’t care if they’re mushy when they thaw out.)

The batch won’t re-grow forever, but I usually manage to get a few fresh stalks from each bulb this way. You’ll know it’s time to throw them out and start over again when the new shoots become light-colored, thin, and weak.

Also, that “funny new smell” in the kitchen is probably old onion water. Yuck.


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